Joshua House Rules

The use of alcohol or any illegal drug will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion from the house. This includes any over the counter medication not approved by the house managers.

Physical confrontation or the threat of physical confrontation will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion from the house.

Please limit profanity. From time to time we have guests in the house and excessive profanity reflects poorly on all.

Residents with a continuously poor attitude toward staff, rules, or other residents will be asked to leave.

All residents are required to attend at least 5 recovery meetings per week while living at the Joshua house. After 6 months this can change to 3 per week.

Meetings are mandatory. Failure to attend or being late without pre notification can result in a fine and or restrictions or expulsion from the house.

All residents are to keep their living area clean at all times, including beds being made upon awakening.

All residents will be assigned a house chore. Chores are assigned weekly and your chore is your responsibility for the entire week. Chores are to be done daily and marked as completed on the chore board to ensure proper credit. Chores must be completed by 10:30 pm on weekdays and 11:30 pm on weekends. Failure to complete your assigned chore or to mark it off on the board will result in a red mark. This violation constitutes a $10.00 fine and restriction. Receiving 2 red marks in two weeks will result in expulsion from the house.

All residents will have a recovery sponsor within 2 weeks.

Curfew is 11 pm on weekdays (Sunday – Thursday) and 1 am on weekends (Friday – Saturday). All residents will be in bed from 11 pm until 4 am on weekdays and 1 am to 4 am on weekends.

After 60 days of successful residency you are eligible for an overnight pass. All requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance, in writing and approved by the Manager with a signature. Remember this is a privilege not a right and you must be in good standing to gain approval.

Sleeping/laying on the couches, chairs, or floor is strictly forbidden.

All residents will be fully dressed at all times while in common areas of the house. This includes closed shirts and foot coverings. No bare chest or bare feet.

While in Joshua House you are required to be employed 40 hours per week with verifiable check stubs. If you are unemployed you are to be looking for gainful employment during normal business hours.

As a resident you are subject to a breathalyzer or urinalysis testing at any time.

No eating in the living room except for special occasions. Absolutely, no meals in the sleeping areas.

The kitchen closes at 10:30 on weekdays and 11:30 on weekends. Clean up after yourself. Put away all cooking utensils, cookware, and dishes.

No visitors are allowed in the sleeping areas. Residents are not allowed in anyone else’s area without permission.

Keep records of what you earn. You may be required to prove income. No residents can be self-employed. Employment must be with a company that withholds taxes. No under the table work.

Do not keep items of value at the house. The Joshua House is not responsible for any items lost or stolen. No private televisions are allowed.

The television is not to be turned on before 4 pm on weekdays and must be off by 11 pm on weekdays and 1 pm on weekends.

Lights out at 11:00 pm on weekdays and 1 am on weekends. This means no showers, eating, music or noise after lights out.

There is no smoking in the house. Smoking must be done outside and ashes and butts must be cleaned up at all times.

Glasses, cups etc. may be used on the deck or porch but you must clean up when leaving the area.

Visiting hours end at 9:30 pm on weekdays and 11:30 pm on weekends.

Morning meditation is mandatory for all residents Monday – Friday at 5:15 am. Missing meditation within 30 days will result in one week restrictions. Missing meditations twice within 60 days will result in 2 week restriction. Missing meditations a third time within 90 days you will be asked to leave.

Residents are highly encouraged to abstain from romantic relationships for at least the first 60 days. We further encourage abstinence from sexual activity outside the marriage covenant.

Obscene or pornographic material are not allowed. Staff reserves the right to determine what is obscene or not.

Resident’s belongings and person are subject to search by staff at any time. Residents must be present during the search. Refusing to submit to a search is grounds for dismissal from the house

There is a mandatory Saturday meeting at the Joshua House from 9:00 – 11:00.

This if fee based housing. Weekly rent is due every Saturday.