Joshua House

Transitional Housing for men at Joshua House

A participant from Joshua House in Harrisonville writes, “It was about 2 years ago that I stood in front Judge Rumley with absolutely no hope for my future. I was already on SIS probation for the second time in a row, for 2 Class C Felonies. And now there I was facing yet another Class C Felony. I had stolen my very own grandfather’s pick-up truck and was headed to California to end my life….I was completely unstable mentally, and my physical state was wrecked by all the drugs I had put into my body over the years. I suffered from PTSD, anxiety, and depression as a result from serving in combat in Afghanistan…..So there I was, blazing my path of destruction across I-70 west, with complete disregard of the damage I was doing. Of course, ultimately my antics failed and I eventually ended up right back in Cass County, standing in front of Judge Rumley. I was lost, afraid, and without a single ray of hope. I knew without a doubt that he would revoke my probation and order me to serve time in prison, and that I would be a felon for the rest of my life and probably would never recover from my drug and alcohol addictions.”

Unfortunately and sadly this story is true for many men. They end up in institutions, jails, or dead as a result of extremely poor choices due to anxiety, depression, or a lack of guidance leading to a life of addictions and/ or criminal activity without hope or vision of a future. Many are in fact, coming out of prison with limited opportunities, if any at all. Many don’t have licenses and they have a criminal record that prohibits them from gainful employment, if any employment at all. Many of them don’t have hope. Where do they go and what do they do?

This is a problem, and this is where, we, at Two Rules Ministries Inc., come in. Our mission is help men discover, seek, and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives, and to teach them to fulfill their God given role as a man according to God’s Word. We provide housing at the Joshua House within a structured environment, job acquisition opportunities, food, clothing, medical services, transportation, and spiritual guidance to lost and broken generations without skills, guidance, and hope of a future. However, please don’t be mistaken. This is not a hand-out or an entitlement program. We require that all participants are working or seeking employment. We further require that participants engage in a 12-step program, daily devotionals, therapeutic group sessions, church attendance, and community service. We ensure a drug free environment by random drug testing.

Sequel: Not all stories end in glory, but we are happy to share with you that the young man telling his story at the beginning of our letter is a living testimony of what God can do in someone’s life if they are given the opportunity. He is currently the house manager of Joshua House presented by Two Rules Ministries and is pursuing work in ministry. He now writes: “I now have the heart and passion to pass on what I have so freely been given: an abundant life with hope, dreams, aspirations, purpose, and vision.” We strive to instill this in all of our participants here at Joshua House.

If you are looking for a hand up and not a hand out we can help!

If you are ready to make hard choices and live within the rules we can help!

If you are ready to move forward and work hard we can help!

There is hope, healing, and restoration!